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YLP Site Tasks & Notes

Published onDec 06, 2022
YLP Site Tasks & Notes


  • [ ] Standardize collection homepage across all communities with standalone editions/books; see Responsive Hero Banner Template

    • [ ] Gender & Sexuality (Example)

    • [ ] Decarbonizing Character

    • [ ] Domestic Knowledge

  • [ ] Create template pub for individual project releases:

    • Create a pub based on a standard template, similar to a press release, that links out to the project. See Punctum Books for examples

    • Project itself lives at its own URL ([projectitle] Splash pub links out to it. This generally allows us to create communities on the fly, makes communities more portable, allows faculty to put communities under a custom url of their own

    • Project splash pub gets assigned to collections related to project type [ student / faculty / YLP Labs ] and relevant Subject/discipline, as well as to Blog

    • Pubs at Blog get pushed to home page under “News” or “Fresh Leaves”

  • [ ] draft language for pages related to the areas in which we work: student and faculty scholarship, creative work, class projects (labs)

  • [ ] Figure out assigning WFU DOIs to pubs within YLP project communities

  • [ ] Build layout for Blog, Projects by Subject, and Projects by Type

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